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Here are my photo galleries.  I add to them regularly.  If you can’t see what you like, not a problem,
I am happy to discuss any design with you and enjoy a challenge! 

Wedding Cakes

Sweet Pea Wedding Cake
Dales, Tractor and Polytunnel Wedding Cake
Dales Wedding Cake
Harriet Wedding Cake
Naked Salted Caramel Wedding Cake
Gingerbread Wedding Cake
Snowman and Lady Wedding Cake
Simple Ivory Wedding Cake
Blackpool Themed Wedding Cake
Sugar Flowers for a Wedding Cake
Emma and Richard's Wedding cakes
Rose Wedding Cake and Cupcakes
Red Dot Wedding Cake
Lily Pad Wedding Cake
Pink Roses and Lace Wedding Cake
Vintage pastel Wedding cake_edited-1
Super Hero Wedding Cake
Frilly Lace Wedding Cake
Funky Wonky Wedding Cake
Red roses wedding cake
Simple Daisy Wedding Cake
Square Piped Wedding Cake
Red Wedding - 50th Birthday - Mother's Day Cake
Mountain Biking Wedding Cake_edited-1
Simon and Clare Wedding Cake
Autumn Leaves Cupcake Tower

Celebration Cakes

1st Birthday Fox and Cat Cake
Diamond Anniversary Rose Bouquet Cake
OPO 5th Birthday Cake
Dapple Grey Horse Head Cake
DIY and Pod 50th Birthday Cake
Grass Wood Anniversary Cake
Champagne and Football 60th Birthday Cake
Diamond Anniversary 2 Tier Cake
80th Birthday Golf Cake
70th Camino Walker's Cake
21st Birthday GTO Cake
Badminton Birthday Cake
Farmer 80th Birthday Cake
Ruby Anniversary Cake (Lakes and Scientists)
40th Drip Cake - stripe across with chocolate
Zog Birthday Cake
Knitted Clown Cake
Hawaii Themed Birthday Cake
50th Calligraphy Cake
Mum's 80th Garden Birthday Cake
OPO 4th Birthday Cake
Submarine Cake
Red Vintage Caravan and Cake Truffles
Scania and Tractor Cake
Diggr and Tractor Cake
70th Welsh Cake with Triumph
Isla 5 Cake
18th Cake - Car and Harry Potter
Langwasser Viaduct Cake
60th Dales Cake
70th Fishing Cake
40th Digger Cake
Dolphin Birthday Cake
Flake Cake
90th Starburst Cake
Ciara 18th Taylor Swift Midnight Era Cake
Hiker Dales Cake
Tractor and Cow Cake
18th birthday - car, paddleboard, painted nails
Trails Bike Cake
Ridged 30th Birthday Cake
Ruby Anniversary Lindt Cake
60th Cake - Dales and Yoga
Lily's 14th Blue Ombre Cake
Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake
60th Pink Ferrero Drip Cake
18th Pink Drip Cake
Lily's Balloon and Dot Cake
Flowery 80th Birthday Cake
Hot Pink Tiger Stripes Cake
Cats in the Garden Birthday Cake
Pink Drip Cake - Becca
Golden Anniversary Cake Waldermans
Cheese and Biscuits Cake
Reeses Birthday Cake
90th Birthday Cricket Cake
Janine's 50th Cake
Geode Cake
Fish and Chips Cake
Sedbergh & Skiing
Art Gallery Cake
80th DIY Birthday Cake
Radio Ham and Cycling Cake
Norland College Cake
Pink Drip Cake
Big Heart Drip Cake
Harlequinns Rugby Shirt Birthday Cake
Bagpipes Cake
50th Prosecco Birthday Cake (Shona)
Massey Ferguson Tractor Birthday Cake
Sea Kayaking Cake
Horsey 21st Birthday Cake (Annie)
Mountain Bike and Mini cake
Tottenham Hotspur Football Cake
Yeti Birthday Cake
Half half scout and nurse cake
Dales Birthday Cake (60th - Nick)
Dales Birthday Cake (60th - Irene)
Ferrero Roche Drip Cake
Super Mario Birthday Cake
Ann's simple rose & buttercream birthday cake
Simple Flowers Birthday Cake
Christmas Rose and Snowdrop Cake
Garden Birdie Cake
Deer Cake
Frog Cake
18th Birthday Cake (Poppy) Dales & Horses
Tennis Cake
Oreo Chocolate Drip Cake
50th Prosecco Birthday Cake
Horse Jumping Birthday Cake
Top Gear and Music Cake
Leeds Utd Birthday Cake
50th Shopping Birthday Cake
Skiing Birthday Cake
Skittles Gravity Cake
Violin Birthday Cake
Messy Bed Cake - George
Gruffalo's Child Birthday Cake
18th F1 Car Cake
Racing Dinghy Birthday Cake
Friends Birthday Cake
18th Shopping Birthday Cake
Harry Potter Cake - general
Rolling Stones Cake
ACDC cake
Sofa and Pets Birthday Cake
80th Dales Walking Cake
Bill's Chocolate Drip Cake
Baileys & Reese Drip Cake
Netball Court Birthday Cake
Purple Flowers Birthday Cake
Cricket Ball Birthday Cake
Simple 50th Birthday Cake
Penny's 70th Birthday Cake
30th Anniversary Forget me not cake
Golden Anniversary Cake
Snowboarding Birthday Cake_edited-1
Chocolate Drip Cake with fruit and macar
Sedburgh Shirt Birthday Cake_edited-1
Balloon Birthday Cake_edited-1
Vintage Bentley Birthday Cake_edited-1
Unicorn and Rainbow Birthday Cake
Tumble down shed, DIY and Bike Cake_edit
Prize Bull Birthday Cake
Yaris to Paris Birthday Cake
Geranium Birthday Cake
Piano and Chess Birthday Cake
Boxer & Man Utd Birthday Cake
Red Guitar Cake
Sporty Birthday Cake
Glamourous Gran Birthday Cake
Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake (Jenna)
Flag and Troll Birthday Cake
Hungry Caterpillar Cake
Winter Birthday Cake
Half and half cow breeder and nurse cake
Leck Fell Birthday Cake
Turtle Cake
Football, Rugby & Sedburgh Birthday Cake
Tom Riddle's Diary
Rose and Bunting Birthday Cake
Horsey Birthday Cake 2
Doggy Birthday Cake
Dales Cottage Cake
Mt Fuji Cake
Gladioli Cake
Seaside Cake
Tank Birthday Cake
Rainbow Birthday Cake
Soft Toy Doggie Birthday Cake
Unicorn Birthday Cake (Evie)_edited-1
Spanish Birthday Cake
30th Anniversary Cake - forget me nots
Xbox Controller Cake
Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake (cheapo)
Ingleton and Car Birthday Cake
Pastel Bunting Birthday Cake
Manchester and Music Birthday Cake
Messy Bed & Harry Potter Cake
Boxer Birthday Cake
Climbing Wall Birthday Cake
Cyclist Birthday Cake
Sedburgh Rugby Ball Birthday Cake
Mountain Biking and Three Peaks
Rambling 60th Birthday Cake 2
Massey Ferguson Tractor - Sheep Show Cak
Knitting Birthday Cake
Spring Bouquet Birthday Cake
Stephen King Birthday Cake
El Capitan Climbing Birthday Cake
Rose and Drip Double Height Birthday Cak
Chocotastic Drip Cake
Dales Artisit Retirement Cake
Unicorn Cake (Katie's)
Wedgwood & Big Rose Cake
Airplane Cake
Trampoline Cake (Daisy)
Game Shooting & Electrician's Cake
Morris Traveller 90th Birthday Cake
90th Armchair Birthday Cake
Unicorn Cake (Ava)
Big Rose and Bunting Birthday Cake_edite
Sapphire Anniversary Cake
Diamond Anniversary Cake
100th Rock Climbing Cake
Maltesers Cake
Ingleton & Vintage Sports Cars Cake
MAC Make Up Cake
Pink Gin and Tonic Cake
Inflatable Pool Party Birthday Cake
Music Festival Birthday Cake
Pirate and Princess Birthday Cake
Double Height Chocolate Drip Cake
Pink Flamingo Cake
Simple Emoji Cake
Pink Sweet Sixteenth Giant Cupcake
50th Cyclist Birthday Cake
Rose Cascade Birthday Cake
Chocolate Drip and Pinata Cake
Nerf Gun Birthday Cake
Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake 2
Goat Cakes
50th Anniversary Cake
Dougal Birthday Cake
Disco 40th Birthday Cake
Dummy Unicorn Cake
Camera and Film Birthday Cake
Dalmatian Birthday Cake
Unicorn Birthday Cake
Monster Birthday Cake
Family Tree Birthday Cake
Fastrac Tractor Birthday Cake
Lily of the Valley and Daisy Birthday Ca
Hong Kong and GB Cake
Rugby Birthday Cake (David)
Massey Ferguson Tractor Cake
What's App Birthday Cake
Trampolining Birthday Cake
Craven Wanderers Birthday Cake
Unicorn Birthday Cake 2
Dolphin Birthday Cake 2
Rugby Birthday Cake (Katie)
Dry Stone Walling Cake
Spiderman Cake (with webbing)
Chocolate drip cake (Rob Atkinson)
Button Moon Cake
Dummy Dragon Cake
Smarties Celebration Cake
Swimming Pool Cake
Swiss Chalet Birthday Cake
T-Rex Cake
Harry Potter Cake
Pendolino and Racing Car Cake
Red Case Tractor Cake
Tall Paul's Birthday Cake
Bleak Bank Farm Cake
Emoji Cake
French Bumble Bee Cake
West Bromwich Albion Cake
Paw Patrol Cake
In the Night Garden (Ninky Nonk)
Dales Bike Cake
Iris Birthday Cake
Chocolate Pinata Cake
Simple Birthday Cake
Peppa Pig, Rugby, Tiara & Ballet Cake_ed
Africa and Lakes Cake
Starburst Cake
Scouts & Swimming Cake and Cupcakes
Chocolate Drip Cake (L Howson)
Jack Wills Cake
Dove Nest Cake
Total Wipeout Cake
Lobster Cake
Cow Girl 18th Birthday Cake
Mountain Bike Cake 2
Zoella Make-up Bag Birthday Cake
Solar System Cake
Yellow Submarine Birthday Cake
Girlie 40th Birthday Cake
Chocolate Drip Cake (Janet Coates)
Grey Fergie Birthday Cake
Skoda Cake
Smartie Disco Ball Birthday Cake
Mountain Bike Cake
Pink Rose Cascade Birthday Cake
Kayak River Birthday Cake
Etihad Stadium Cake
Woodland Owl Birthday Cake
Munster Rugby Birthday Cake
Indian Elephant Cake
Sofa and doggie cake
Leaping Salmon Birthday Cake
Netball Birthday Cake
Rugby Cake
Minecraft TNT Cake
Spider Cake
Unicorn cake
John Deere Tractor Cake
Flopsy Bunny Cake
Mr Greedy Cake
Speed Boat Birthday Cake
Snowboarding and Mountain Bike Cake
Steam Train Birthday Cake_edited-1
Dominos Birthday Cake
All Action Woman Birthday Cake
Manga Birthday Cake
Fisher Wrathall Birthday Cake
60th Anniversary Dales Themed Cake
Lillac Rose 80th birthday cake
Royal Iced Pink Rose Anniversary Cake
Teenage Girlie Birthday Cake
Horsey Birthday Cake
Red Arrows Birthday Cake
Big Rose and pets cake
Snowboarding and Mountain Biking Cake_edited-1
Speed Boat Cake
England Rugby Cake
Plumber and Chef Birthday Cake
Liverpool FC Birthday Cake (Lucas)
90th Birthday Guitar Cake
Horse's Head Birthday Cake
Bright Felting Birthday Cake
Simple Stars Birthday Cake
Rounders Birthday Cake
Peter Rabbit birthday Cake
3 Car 21st Birthday Cake
Tiger Birthday Cake
Kayak Birthday Cake
Westie Birthday Cake
Lily of the Valley Birthday
Guitar and Banjo Birthday Cake
Ingleton Waterfalls Cake
Spider Fairy Birthday Cake
Bunny Ballerina & Roses Cake_edited-1
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake
90th Birthday Cake
21st Sailor Cake
Simple Star Cake
Quilting Birthday Cake
Starburst C Cake
Royal Iced Peony Cake
Simple 65th Birthday Cake
90th Church & Ugandan Well Cake
60th Birthday Rambling Cake with dog
Easter Cake
Dolphin Birthday Cake
Barrel Sauna Birthday Cake_edited-1
Iggle Piggle Cake (Lucy)
Forget me not birthday cake
Pink Owl Birthday Cake
Peter Rabbit and Friends Birthday Cake
Super Komachi
Gator and Farmer Cake
Bike Lover's Cake
Chieftain Tank Birthday Cake
Guitair Player 30th Birthday Cake
Octonauts Birthday Cake
Flower and Hedgehog birthday cake
Batman Cake
Spiderman Cake
Lightening McQueen Cake
Dexter Themed Birthday Cake
Monster Truck Cake 2
Diamonds and Daisies Birthday cake
50th Sheep and Walking Cake
Monster Truck Birthday Cake
Birthday Present Cake
Spiral Train Cake
Rambling 60th Birthday
Naked violin cake
Dumper Truck Birthday Cake
Simple Red and White Birthday Cake
21 Graduation & Birthday Cake
Gerbera Anniversary Cake
Glace Fruit Topped Fruit Cake
Rambler 60th Birthday Cake
Surfing Darlek and Beach Boys Cake
Peppa Pig and House Cake
Jessie J Birthday Cake
Jessie J Cake (purple)_edited-1
80th Gardening and Owls Cake
Iggle Piggle Cake
Mountain Biking Cake
Spring Flowers Celebration Cake
Under the sea cake
Bingo Cake
In the Night Garden Cake
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Cake
Wheelbarrow Cake
Gruffalo Cake
Funky Owl Cake
Landrover Cake
Beach and Motorhome Birthday Cake
Bagpuss Cake
Bronze Flower Cake
Save the Children Cake
Monsters Inc cake
Rocky Horror Rollercoaster Anniversary Cake
Graduation Cake and Cupcakes
Pudsey Bear Cake
Cats in the Garden Birthday Cake
Gold Stars Chocolate Cake
Liverpool Football Cake
Knitting and Sewing Cake
Chelsea and Lion Cake
40 Glorious Years Cake
Wonky Birthday Cake
Hello Kitty Cake - 3d model
Peppa Pig Cake (dummy)
Allotment Cake
Artist's Palette Birthday Cake
Sedbergh Rugby Ball Cake
Number plate birthday cake_edited-1
John Deere Cake
80th Birthday Welsh Cascade of Roses Cake
Pink and Purple Flower and Butterfly cake 1
Chocolate Cake
Tangled Birthday Cake
The Gruffalo
Iron Maiden Cake
Mother's Day Cake
Hello Kity Cake
The Wrong Trousers Cake
Mike the Knight Cake
90th Birthday Freesia & Orchid Cake copy
Purple 21st Birthday Cake
BMW and Gromit Cake
Free Diver Birthday Cake
Purple 60th Birthday Cake
Baby Lucy Cake
Waybuloo Cake
Pastel Miffy & Bunting Cake
Teddy Bear Cake
Cow Cake
Bunny Ballerina Cake
Dora the Explorer Cake
Dennis the Menace Cake
Lorry Birthday Cake
Doctor Yellow
Bowling Ball Cake
Las Vegas Cake
Louboutin Shoe Cake
Peppa Pig Cake

Christening Cakes

Pink Ombre Christening Cake
New Baby Cake
Baby Shower Cake Pop Tower
It's a girl baby shower cake
Big Blocks and Cupcakes Christening Cake
Blue Train Christening Cake
Pink Bunny and Butterfly Christening Cake


Baby Shower Cupcakes 2024
15th Anime Cupcakes
Hen Party Cupcakes
1st Anniversary Cupcakes
Spring Flower Cupcakes
Dog, Cat and Horse Cupcakes
Horse and Mermaid Cupcakes
Strange things cupcakes
Elliot Cupcakes
Hen Night Cupcakes
Hufflepuff Cupcakes
New Baby Cupcakes (Teddy)
Tortoise Cupcakes
Man Utd & Everton Cupcakes
Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes
25th Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes
Vintage Lace Pastel Cupcakes
Bright Pink Cupcakes
Craven Wanderers Cupcakes 2_edited-1
Craven Wanderers Cupcakes
Chocolate Orange Cupcakes
Peter Rabbit Cupcakes
Sheep Cupcakes
Tractor and Sheep Cupcakes
Vintage New Baby Cupcakes_edited-1
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Thank You Cupcakes
New Baby Cupcakes (Florrie and Emmie)_edited-1
Mother's Day Cupcakes_edited-1
Pretty Pink Cupcakes (butterflies and flowers)
New Baby Cupcakes (Ava)
Vintage Cupcakes (Seasons)
Vintage Cupcakes (MacMillian)
New Baby Cupcakes (Claire)
Vintage Themed Thank You Cupcakes (Rachael)
Bright Funky Cupcakes
Vintage thank you cupcakes
Dora the Explorer brightly coloured cupcakes
Spiderman and Ironman Cupcakes
Thomas Tank Engine Cupcakes
New Baby Cupcakes


William Baines Truck
Milk Tanker Truck Cake
Conductor Topper
Elephant Topper
WPC Topper_edited-1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Alex Cardwell
Dragon Kinder Eggs
Vera's Topper_edited-1
Ballet Shoes
Minecraft TNT Topper
Gruffalo Topper
Tractor Topper
Cattle Truck Topper
Eddie Stobart Topper
Blue Line Truck Topper 2
Blue Line Truck Topper
Rainbow Unicorn Cake Topper
Puppy dog topper
Tinker Bell Topper 1
Booties for Christening Cake

Chocolates & Treats

Rainbow and frots
Dark Highland Coo and mint slab
Yorkshire Slab
Biscoff Collage
Close up of small bar
large slab from above
Thank you H&A 2
lg slab - You are fab
Summer Fruits trio - with fruit
Highland cow lolly closeup
Close up
Whole Bar
IPS slab
Trays of ginger
Rows of oranges glistening
Close up of small bar
Whole Bar
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